Levels of fear

Regarding coming up with a list of dares to draw from for each day, I have levels of fear or being scared about things. For instance, there are:
1. Things that I fear doing and have avoided doing because of it (fear of heights, putting myself out there on FB in a vulnerable way, public speaking, etc.).
2. Things I’m not afraid of, per se, because I believe I can do them if I set my mind to it, yet committing to taking the action, any action, is maybe a little frightening since I feel stuck in a non-action-taking rut for too many years now (example, creating a logo for my fledgling business from the stock Photoshop/Illustration templates when I don’t really know either software).
3. Things I’ve been avoiding making a decision on (not sure why, maybe fear) so that I can subsequently take action, if I were in an action taking mode these last few years (choosing which eating protocol I want to follow, as an example).

So the question is….am I to limit my daily dares to the types of things that fall squarely in my #1 category above, or is it OK and maybe wise to include some #2 and 3 categories to work on my feelings of self-confidence around the act of taking action (come what may with the after effects) or making a damn decision already?