This is my first month of scholars and I am still learning how to effectively use the model. One area I would like to improve is my libido. I am married, have 3 young children and am breastfeeding. My libido is basically nonexistent. By the end of the day, I am tired and have no interest in being intimate with my husband which makes him feel sad and undesired. The thought of being intimate makes me feel exhausted and overwhelmed. We’ve also struggled with some problems with pain with intercourse in the past so I already have some baseline anxiety with it though this has overall improved. I love my husband and would love to be more on the same page with him with this. I am struggling to find a thought that feels true and believable that would help increase my energy and desire for intimacy. Any thoughts?

C husband wants intimacy several times per week
T ?
F Attracted and turned on by my husband
A initiate intimacy with husband
R more connected sexually with husband

Current model that’s not serving me:
C husband wants intimacy several times per week
T Intimacy is the last thing in the world I want right now. I’m so exhausted
F tired, resentful
A avoid intimacy with husband
R I feel guilty; husband feels unloved