Life-Changing Books from Brooke?

Hey Brooke! I heard your GREAT review of “The Last Word on Power” on today’s podcast and started reading it immediately. I loved your overview and am really enjoying the book! (I can maybe see why people don’t “get it” – because it talks so far about being a transformational leader in a business, but I’m extrapolating to make that business AND life). So far, loving it!

Anyway, I think it would be incredibly valuable to have a list of the most transformational books you’ve ever personally read. Like the top 5 or top 10 that were so mind-blowing, life-changing that you recommend them to everyone. Personally, one that REALLY helped me was 3-Minute Therapy by Michael Edelstein. In fact, it was a life-saving book – and really set me on a path deeper into this thought work. I wonder if you’d be willing to share like the top few books that really shaped your thinking or gave you those ah-ha moments that changed everything.

Thanks, Brooke! 😀