Life Coach Model 1.6.18

I’m interested in becoming a life coach and here’s a model and questions that I have:

C – In my current job I make a six figure salary, my commute is 1-3/4 hour each way and I typically get home around 7:45pm.

T – I want to do something meaningful, help others, have flexible hours.

F – uncertain

Questions I have.
– which training program is best for me?
– what niche is best for me and in which there is a need?
– good training programs are expensive and I want to be able to make my money back in One year (this is a Thought)
– can I at least earn my current salary

One area that I have a passion for is eating disorder coaching, helping teens and women. I was anorexic as a teenager and although I hand beeen recovered for many years, up until about two years ago (I’m 53) I spent so much time over the past 30years thinking about food, calories, body, and exercise. This was a buffer for me. I started practicing intuitive eating 2 years ago and now that I’m not obsessed with my food and weight, I have all this free time to think/do other things. I now have a drive to do something meaningful and fulfilling. I would love to have the skills to help prevent others from living the way I did for so many years (counting calories, restricting, fear of gaining weight, thinking that the only thing that makes me special is that I can stay thin).