Life Coach School: To Join or To Wait


I am seriously contemplating joining the Life Coach School and have been since I found out about it, these past few months.

I immediately joined Scholars and am currently in my 3rd month.

I have been doing my daily homework on this decision, benefits, feelings, etc… and have come down to these questions.

Thoughts, ideas, advice, and information would be so helpful on this very imporrant decision for me! I reallt don’t want to set myself up to fail with what I think could be considered an already full plate and I don’t want to risk requesting an extension if I cannot complete the program on time.

Is it recommended that I complete a year of Scholars before beginning the LCS?

Is it recommended and possible (yes I’m learning that all things are possible), to do SCS at the same time as the LCS certification?

My other reservations that I’d love feedback on (at the same time, from my current SCS knowledge, I might be able to guess what you’ll say):

1. Money – should I instead be using my money to pay off debt & go towards child’s tuition and activities

2. For those who didn’t already have the money saved, how did they make it happen for them to do LCS?

3.. Overloading self? – this year’s priority is trying one last time to conceive (due to age and insurance benefits), I may end up with a newborn (along with my current Kindergartener), and I work full time. Is LCS plus SCS setting myself up for failure? If others do it, how?

Thanks again!