Life Coach with Tech

I got confirmation that I am where I am suppose to be. I am developing my coaching business also working full time (in IT department). Interviewed for a promotion in another department (hospital) but not selected (I think you may remember my story). I so wanted that job because I would have the opportunity to coach. I have worked 20 years in tech. People see me as a technologist even though I have never been in a technical role. I was told that I was not selected because I did not have hospital experience.

For 20 years I have been developing my niche, it is so clear to me now. I had two opportunities to speak at two organization wide conferences, the first for managers, the second for tech. I had a room for 50 (for both) – which was awesome as this was my first time to teach at a conference (huge win on my goal I set back in January, by the way). I had about 30 managers come to my first workshop, there were probably 10 other sessions on coaching. The second conference, I was the only coaching workshop offered. People were sitting around the floor in the front, standing out the door – it was a bit ridiculous.

My purpose is to be the light – my light was more apparent in the second conference. There was an apparent lack of access to this work in tech – programmers don’t want to learn about “emotional intelligence,” but they do want to know how to “self-regulate.” Semantics… I am living my purpose. Last week I was crying that I did not get a job I desperatly wanted, today, it is apparent that job was never meant for me.

PS. I don’t think I can thank you enough. I had no idea I would be here at this place today. I am in gratitude with my past self for taking this journey with you. How I wish I could be with you at your September class. I am definately coming to the next modelthon. I can’t wait to share more goals met. Thank you Brooke!