Life Coaches Look Like This

Hi, Coaches:

I’m having thoughts about folks who are coaches and how I could never do that. Specifically, I heard an LCS call where the coach trainer/hiring person was talking about how applicants needed to present in a certain way with hair and makeup and a Zoom background. And now I’m convinced I could never become a coach because I don’t have those things.

C Coaches
T I don’t have a beautiful, clean space in my house to make into a presentable coaching office.
F Powerless
A Think about my cluttered tiny house.
R Don’t solve the problem.

C Coaches
T My hair and face will never look like these people’s.
F Powerless
A Think about my hair and face in a mean way.
R Don’t explore whether coaching is for me.

I guess I’m making excuses for not even trying. But these thoughts feel real. Thanks!