Life Coaching in Business

Hi Coaches,

I am becoming a life coach and really want to focus my work in business. I want to help people grow their confidence to grow their businesses an make more money. But I feel like all anyone will want is tangible steps to make more money (strategies), and that’s not what I do. I feel like most people want the handout, the how-to (which I know is a thought, but) and not the long way around of trying to feel better so they do better things (because they also don’t know WHAT to do).

Can you help me through this? Even if I did give them the exact step by step process on how to make more money, the model would still apply. Their Fs, A, and Rs would still come from the Ts they are having. But if I gave them strategies, I would be giving them new Ts and Cs, and not just helping them figure out what their mind is creating, which seems like more value to a customer (it seems much more direct than selling ‘thought work’). Ugh I’m so lost on how to make this possible for myself.