Life coaching school question and an stop overeating question

Hi Brooke,

I just joined SCS and my first month will be November. I literally cannot wait! My daughter has had 3 double lung transplants…only 17 people in the world have ever had 3. Crazy right? These last nine years have been all about saving my daughters life and like any mother would do, i quit my job and became a full time caregiver. My daughter, now 24, a few months ago while recovering from her 3rd, turned and asked me, mom, what do you want to do in your life? I froze. Then she says, mom, its time for you to have a life. I balled like a baby. I knew i wanted to help others, came across one of your poscasts and im hooked! I knew instantly i wanted to become a life coach. I know i have so much help to offer this world and i cant wait to begin. I truly wanted to join your 2019 life coach school but our community and people all over the country fundraised for our family and three transplans later we are in financial ruins. Trust me, i thought about using the last $3,000 to my name and just signing up and pray each month i could continue, but didnt think it would be fair to take someone elses spot. So my question to you is, under my current financial circumstances, can you recommend a reputable school that is affordable? I really dont want to go anywhere else but The Lofe Coach School and if my circumstamces were different i would take out a loan because it is worth every penny and i have no doubt that im going to be a badass life coach and be able to pay it back in my first year, but my dang thoughts (and my daughters financial medical needs) are preventing me from taking that risk. Would love some advice from you. AND, im watching your videos from the stop overeating class. Joy eating keeps getting mentioned but i havent heard a description of what exactly that means or how to work it into my protocol. Im 3 weeks in and fat adaptive and feeling great. Thanks for all that you do for us!