Life Dilemna

Hi coaches!

While doing thought downloads and models on being a good manager, i found that i have so much resistance to being all in. And this is because of a thought that it requires so much time to be a good manager. I have to spend longer hours at work, i have to supervise them individually, and if they are not performing i have to try and retrain them which takes time, i can’t have meeting with them during the time that im available because that is the time that they are doing some tasks that have deadlines thus i have a extend my hours to have time to talk with them, and then i still have other strategic planning to do and special projects to lead, etc etc. I am finding so much evidence that i will have to spend longer time at work being a good manager. And i have this fear that i will be burn-out again. Which happened to me about 2 years ago because of the thought that i am overloaded at work, spending 10-12 hours almost everyday, and still needing to work on weekends, leading me to submit my resignation. But since then i was off loaded of some work in that same company and i was able to get off on time with just some days with overtime. And then i was promoted into leading the team. And now i am afraid i will need to go back into doing overtime of most of the days again.

I also have this fear that the extended time ill be spending at work will take away the time that i have been alloting for my SCS works and other tasks relating to Life Coaching because i want to eventually be a life coach and currently doing research, read books, and join groups to know more about it.

I just have this thought that i have to perform well in my current job because here is were i am saving up for certification later on. And at the same time i also have this thought that i have to do well as a manager if i am expected to be a good life coach. I somehow hinged my succeess as a life coach from my success as a manager.

Can you please help me with questions to ask myself so i can progress with this dilemna im in and to give myself some direcrion? Where do i take this from here?

Thanks for the help!