Life Direction

I’ve been in a funk for months and I’ll come out of it for short bursts and go right back in. I finally committed to a niche (helping NWM get to $100K a year) after changing my mind for about 9 months.

Here is my model and I’d love some feedback on how to begin to work myself out of this.

C – Life Direction
T – I’m not sure I’m on the right path
F – Unmotivated (this shows up on the top of my head, super heavy, has a texture of rough stone and is a dark gray)
A – total inaction, not posting, not creating, ruminating in confusion and I don’t know what to say/post about, seek further external validation that I’m on the right path
R – I’m not on any path.

I know I’m creating this and I’m not sure how to have my own back here when I know what I am capable of.