My life feels robotic and dull

Hey Brooke I have a “good” job (boring), I own my own home, I’m 61 and divorced. I’m bored to death and I don’t know what to do about it. I keep “busy” with work and commuting. I’ve started going to the gym. I don’t have many single friends and the ones I have don’t live anywhere near me (in other states) or they are always “busy”. I was in a relationship that ended last summer and haven’t had a date since. Just feel blocked about what to do to feel alive again. As I write “feel alive” it dawned on me that I’ve known 6 people that have died in the past 2 months. 3 were close to me and 3 were my girlfriends moms. Life is just feeling strange right now. My parents are deceased, my daughter is grown and it feels like my life is getting small and empty. My question is what would you suggest I do to create a life that is full and meaningful? I know that’s a big question. Maybe you could suggest some models I can do. I won’t say I’ve tried everything……….lol I will say that so far what I’ve tried hasn’t worked (dating websites, meetup groups, going out alone, making new friends, joining a business mastermind) What’s a girl to do?