Life is 50/50 but Suffering is Optional?

Thank you so much for the work you do.

I just became a VIP, and I have to say, I’ve spent most of my time lurking. But I’ve also done the work, watched almost all the video content on Self Coaching Scholars, and I’ve come a long way to overcoming my own personal emotional grief in the last 6 months.

So, thank you.

I’ve been thinking about your idea that life is 50/50. Half bad/half good. And that makes TOTAL (I’m using this word so much more after watching your videos…lol…) sense to me. However, I think that by using modeling, I’ve decided that although life is 50/50, the suffering is optional. It occurred to me that this is the greatest difference between people who are beaten down by life and those who are resilient and thrive. It’s all about our thoughts and how we chose to be moving forward.

We all have “bad things” or “bad circumstances” happen to us, but that’s really a matter of perspective, right? Circumstance is neutral. Our reaction to those circumstances is chosen by our thoughts and that does not have to be 50/50. It can be 100% steady, calm, and empathetic.

Suffering is a choice. It’s a feeling created by thoughts.

I want to be kind and loving, respectful of others, and compassionate. All the time.
I don’t want to suffer anymore and I want to help others let go of theirs as well.

Over the last 6 months, you’ve helped me learn how to do this even with extremely difficult circumstances (and people?…lol….I know, I know…just had to slip that in…no difficult people, only neutral circumstances) in my life.

Thanks for opening my eyes and helping me to see.

Thank you! Keep going!