Life Manifesto

I will always remember I carry a circle of influence with me wherever I go.
I will keep an eternal perspective and a keen longing for home.
I will never forget who I am inside and remember my higher self does not need to be hidden.
I will allow myself to shine.
I will make daily decisions that honor my family and priorities.

I do not have to change who I am to be accepted by anyone.
My worthiness is not tied to the approval of others, or my ability to make them happy.
I am capable of greatness and no one can make me feel anything less.
I will remember that excellence does not require perfectionism.

I will make decisions confidently and courageously believe in myself.
I will remember that fear is a necessary part of growth and a sign that I’m doing something important.
I will not let fear prevent me from pursuing what I love.
I will remember there are no failures, only lessons.

I choose to live with no regrets because my past is part of what made me who I am.
I will remember the knowledge I have gained through difficult experiences has value and can make a difference in my life and my work in the world.

Unconditional love is a guiding principle in my life.
I give it to others, and most importantly to myself.
I will focus on my own gifts and not compare myself to others.
I will remember I am smart, caring, strong, confident, and courageous.
I always have been, and always will be loved.