If my life seems boring – do I change my life or work on the thought? Or both?

Hi Brooke –

I really understand that my thoughts create my feelings. I have been removing my buffers (wine every night, sugar and flour daily) and the truth I am seeing is that my life is comfortable, safe and BORING. I have been hiding and feel genuinely ready to change, grow, serve, and evolve.

My question is when should I work on tolerating boredom and looking at my thoughts that create that feeling (T = my life is boring), and when should I change my life (the ‘C’ line here) to be bigger and not need buffering to tolerate?

I think sometimes I use self coaching as a way to keep tolerating what I don’t really want anymore … a life that seems too small and too safe … rather than take action and create a life I really love?

Is it a case of make sure my desire for growth is coming from a positive thought? Work through the boredom first and then change?

Thanks in advance!!