Like My Weight, Hate My Binging…

Ok. I’m a 5’9″, 140-pound dude. I’m not currently concerned about my weight – but I do have this weird binge-eating thing that has been a constant for years with me. I tend to stress-eat sugary stuff as a way to buffer – and once I start, I go pretty crazy until I’m full – and then I’ll stop. And maybe the next day or 2 I’ll be on an IMF protocol with veggies, protein, fat. Then a day later, if there’s stress in my biz – I’ll binge eat a bucket of fruit – or eat a container of cool whip. Because of how I binge, my weight stays pretty regular – but the craziness of the stress-eating needs to stop.

I’m going back through your Stop Overeating Masterclass and I’m at the concept of coming up with a thought … one main thought … that is stronger than my desire to eat. In the past, the thing motivating me NOT to binge would be a party or event I knew I’d be shirtless at (I’m also gay – so it’s part of the gay manual that you be shirtless at most events) so that was motivating for me. (Thought: “Everyone will laugh at me if I’m not at 6% body fat – so I’d better stick to my plan” – and that worked.) But without that outside fear of judgment (which comes and goes), it’s hard for me to think of a thought that’s motivating – especially when my weight stays pretty much the same and I’m happy with it. Happy with my weight, NOT happy the binging.

I don’t like eating crap … and I don’t like feeling out of control with eating … and I do want to be able to stop thinking about food and just eat on my boring protocol … I just haven’t been able to think of an INCREDIBLY motivating thought with my current circumstances that would overwhelm my stress-induced desire to eat every particle of sugar in a 5 block radius. Any thoughts for my specific situation? Thanks!