Likes, Comments, and Shares.

I am hoping to get help with new thoughts in my model regarding social media engagement. I am choosing to let lack of engagement get me down. (It is still so weird to say CHOOSE, but I have been told time and time again it is a choice LOL).

If I spend a good amount of time creating a post with value, I have negative emotion if I do not see “proof” it is helping others that are consuming it. And I do not mean in a Vanity metrics way- more of in a feedback way, if that makes sense.

I work on content creation while being around my children as I work full time at a hospital and that is when I can currently fit it in. So if it is not helping anyone from what I can see, I would rather spend 100% of my time and focus on my children.

C-post had 3 likes.
T- Why do I bother?
A- overanalyze and indulge in self pity.
R- post less.