Liking a guy who doesn’t like me back

There’s a guy I went to school with and crushed on. We reconnected as adults. Both divorced and with kids. I still had feelings for him. We hooked up a couple of times and it kinda faded out. From what he said, it sounded like he doesn’t want a relationship so I took a step back. We’ve remained friends. I still have feelings for him. I would like to remain friends because we have cool things in common (and I still have hope that it could one day turn into something more).

Today we were chatting, and he said his ex-girlfriend spent the night. I felt devastated because I thought that well, now I know for sure that he doesn’t like me the same way. And I make it mean that I’m not good enough or that his ex-girlfriend must be better than me somehow.

I let myself feel the feeling of devastation and explored how it felt in my body, which was good.

But how do I get over him? Make peace with the situation? I’m having trouble coming up with a neutral or better thought to practice. Thanks.