Liking someone PG part 2

I’ve been trying to do models on it but I find doing the intentional model hard as maybe I don’t believe the new thoughts yet

Unintentional model

C – PT
T – I don’t understand what he wants or what he is playing at
F – frustated, confused
A – buffer and overeat, over think, worrry, feel stressed, keep distance and guard up with him
R – gain weight, feel bad and grow distant

Intentional model

C – PT
T – I don’t need to know his feelings, I can just like him regardless
F – free, like/love
A – don’t buffer or overeat, don’t feel stressed, continue to message/talk to him, get to know him better
R – lose weight or maintain, grow closer and become emotional adult

* when I just did my intentional model there I felt like I was rejecting it like I don’t believe that yet even though I want to believe it

C – PT
T – I don’t know what I am to him, where I stand?
F – confused, uncertain
A – buffer and seek comfort in food, stress and worry, overanalyse, be guarded, push him away
R – gain weight, feel bad and distance myself

Intentional model

C – PT
T – I can love him regardless of how he feels about me, I get to feel the love not him
F – love and brave
A – stop buffering and overeating, talk to him, keep my guard down, don’t feel frustated or stressed, feel love/like, be open and keep guard down
R – lose weight and grow closer

I didn’t feel like I was just rejecting this second model for some reason Brooke

Thanks for your help x