Liking your reason

Hi there – I really like the notion of checking when you make a decision, whether you like your reason; I’ve found it really helpful so far. However, I now have a decision where I like some of my reasons for both saying yes and no to an opportunity. I work in a university and a job has come up at another university in my city; I am trying to decide whether to apply for it or not.

Reasons to apply for it:
-It’s a bigger and more challenging role than my current one and I would learn and develop more (I like this reason)
-It’s the kind of position that I have been working towards so getting it would mean achieving a long-term goal (I like this reason)
-I’m worried opportunities like this won’t come round again so I should grab this one (I don’t like this reason)
-I think it would impress others if I got this role (I don’t like this reason)

Reasons not to apply for it:
-A new job likely will take more working hours, at least initially, so I would have less time to spend on things I actually want to prioritize such as my writing (I like this reason, although as I’m writing it down I can see that it’s a thought and may not be true at all)
-Before this new role was advertised I had actually decided to stay in my current job for a while so I could prioritize other things in my life, and I would like to honour that decision (I like this reason)
-I’m worried about leaving my team in a difficult position and making them upset (I don’t like this reason)
-I’m scared of getting rejected (I don’t like this reason)

So, as you can see, it feels that I have a mix of reasons I do and don’t like for each decision! Have you got any advice on how to move on from here?