Limiting belief

After a lot of questions I’ve been asking myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a shame issue to work on.

In summary, I gained a little over 50lbs about 2-3 years ago. During the time I lost the first 50lbs. I was putting myself out there. Plenty of people were following me and I was feeling so fulfilled to help other people with the tips of my own weight loss. Life was awesome. Then, once I reached my weight goal, I started self-sabotaging and didn’t work on maintenance. I’ve now gained 30lbs back. I stopped showing up. I was no longer that light for others because I started swimming in my own shame.

I want to start either my own blog or website and work on these 30lbs but somehow I am embarrassed to put myself out there again and admit what I went through to the world. On the other hand, I know there are so many women like me, feeling shame and alone because they’ve re-gained weight after working so hard to lose it, so I know I can contribute to something good.

Is taking action the only way to get over this uncertainty and shame boat? It almost feels like it is but I need guidance on how to direct my mind to believing I can do it and that it is ok.