My list of standards (Clotilde in Paris)

I just worked on my list of standards and thought I’d share.
I look forward to reading other members’ standards that they’ll share!

Here’s what I expect of myself:

Be fully present.
Value people and experiences over things.
Be of service to others.
Be open to new experiences.
Be willing to relinquish control.
Be trusting of others + the universe.
Manage my own mind.
Live deliberately.
Learn new things every day.
Approach life with courage (= feeling the fear and doing it anyway).
Keep my thoughts, my words, and my actions aligned.
Go as high as I can go.
Take the high road, always.
Connect with my emotions.
Let others be right.
Let others be wrong about me.
Release my attachment to my ego and my image.
Speak my truth.
Treat myself with kindness, compassion and understanding.
Make the most of every circumstance.
Believe I am the one.

Happy new year! ^^