I literally have too much to do in my day

Hi Brooke,

I am feeling really stressed out. I am not going to list everything that i have got on, but i simply cannot cope with the amount i have on. I struggle with the demands on me. If i scale it back, all i would be doing is work and kids. I wouldn’t have time for me or to do studying, which i am currently doing, to progress in my work, i also won’t have time for scholars. To me scholars is my priority, however i have so much other things i ‘need’ to to first! Kids, work etc. I am producing so much, But am on the point of burnout. I know you believe life doesn’t “throw things your way”/ you create your own life etc. This doesn’t feel true for me atm. A lot has been thrown my way. I don’t know how to cope with the amount i have on. I’m not sure you can help me with this or not?? X