I literally have too much to do in my day3

Hi Brooke,
I think I understand what you are saying here, but practically it is not working for me. So I guess that means I’m not quite there yet, but I really want to be..
I have 2 young children
My health is not great
My father passed away and I have been left to deal with an estate
I have a business that I have inherited and now I am a director of that business
My sister is going through a divorce and has mental health issues and has been abusive to all of the family and has been doing things with the business that my other sisters and I don’t agree on
I work, my job is very fast paced and high responsibility
I am undertaking studying, which is required for my job
I run my household, clean, cook, do the washing and other chores etc.
I am having / managing work done on my house
I have life admin etc. etc.
And Scholars work I am trying to complete, and what i would love to focus on more
This in a nutshell is what I have on. I understand that I could say no to any of them, and that I am choosing to do these things. However, I am struggling as I can’t see what I can give up here. I didn’t choose to have an estate to deal with. I am choosing to deal with it, because no one else can/will. I don’t know how to honestly say I am choosing to deal with it because I want to. I don’t want to but I feel I have to. (I guess this is a thought, that I feel I have to – however if I don’t do it, it won’t get done and I want all this extra work out of my life asap. So to me I just need to get my head down and get it done. My sister is blocking work that I am doing, which ultimately makes it harder and the work more frustrating. I am probably going on here a bit, so I will stop. I’m guessing you don’t need all the details. How would you suggest I manage my mind around this/ manage the workload? Which will allow me to ‘switch off’ and find time for rest/ hobbies/ relaxation? and ultimately stay sane !!

Thank you xx