How little food is too little?

Hi Brooke!

I have been off sugar and flour for three weeks, and I’m finding that I’m not hungry. I can fast for a really long time, and when I do eat, I have a very small appetite. Like, weirdly small. Yesterday I didn’t eat any food until 2 pm, at which time I had one egg with a small amount of raw milk cheddar (cooked in butter), cherry tomatoes, and a huge amount of sautéed spinach cooked in coconut oil, that ended up being about a cup once in was cooked.

At 6:00 pm I ate maybe 3 oz of salmon and some salad, but I wasn’t really hungry when I ate it and I could barely eat any before I felt like a 2 on the hunger scale.

My original protocol that I wrote out three weeks ago included intermittent fasting, but because I was simultaneously starting a candida cleanse, my doctor said intermittent fasting combined with candida die-off was not a great idea. (She is a naturopath, and the cleanse is simply taking these enzymes three times a day on an empty stomach but they made me very sick in combo with IF, which is why she said eat more.)

I need some clarification… should I just eat when hungry and stop when full, no matter how small the amount?

Or should I make myself eat a certain amount?

I will be re-starting the candida cleanse this week as well, though now I have an additional supplement to take to aid in flushing the candida die-off. Because my reaction was strong, the naturopath thinks the candida had a pretty good hold in my system. I would tend to agree, since I’ve lived on flour, sugar, and dairy for most of my life and had many rounds of antibiotics as a child and young adult.

I’m not losing much weight at the moment, maybe 3.5# total over three weeks.

I am hearing different things in some of the materials… like if you don’t eat enough, your body slows the metabolism because it thinks it’s starving, (I think Katrina said that in her overeating Q&A) as opposed to the body going into fat burning mode when you don’t eat. I’d like to know what you think. I’m fully open to experimenting and trying different things then changing course… I am treating this as a delightful experiment to find what works and get to my natural weight.

I will be wearing a bikini poolside next summer!

Thank you!