Live Call – Saying no/telling the truth – christina

This past week’s live call with Brooke, a woman discussed not wanting to be friends with someone in her social circle. Brooke talked about regularly saying ‘no’ to people who want to hang out with her, etc. That you should be able to say yes to things you want to do, no to things you don’t. The importance of telling the truth.

But, how can you honor yourself without being cruel/negative to people?

Where I struggle is if someone were to ask my opinion about something they liked and I didn’t. “What do you think of this paint color? Isn’t it beautiful? I painted my entire house in this color.”

My true opinion would be: I don’t like it but I’m glad if someone else does. But, if I were to say that to someone, I’m certain it would result in them thinking what I said was rude or made them doubt their own choice. What’s the upside of telling the truth there? I know intellectually I cannot control someone’s feelings BUT if I say I don’t like something that someone enthusiastically does…

More often, in a moment like that, I would say “yes, so pretty!” which would be a total lie.

How do apply what Brooke was coaching about – being authentic & true in everyday situations like these?