Live Coaching Call from Thursday

Hi Brooke,
I’m here again! I’m like your new best friend lol!
I just watched your Thursday night Live Coaching call and could relate to all three women when it comes to a relationship in my life. I joined Scholars mostly to learn how to control my drinking and yes of course to improve upon myself in other areas. But, mostly I am putting all that I am learning through the general program and the Over Drinking program into learning how to control my drinking. So here is the thing…I have a huge relationship problem with one of my sisters for a million reasons and over a time span of like 30 years. I have so many thoughts and feelings about her and myself together “in” our relationship. It is so long and ongoing but it is really not impacting my day to day life. Of course my thoughts and feelings come up a lot (anger, resentment, guilt, fear, etc..) about her and me but I’m able to push them away without really overthinking them. It is an issue that I do want to address for myself. But here is my question. Should I be focusing on myself and my drinking (and she does not factor into my drinking) or should I be working on both at the same time? Should I be putting all my energy into the drinking thing now and when I see more peace with that move onto other areas in my life that need work but are not eating me up alive on a daily basis?
Thanks so much!