LIVE COACHING technical question & “annoying husband”

Hello Brooke,
Tonight I was finally able to watch your LIVE coaching session vs watching the video afterwards. So to be coached live, we just open up the zoom webinar. I see the button to “raise hand” to be called upon, but how do we unmute ourselves to be coached and also, does our computer camera just automatically start working? LOL. I have never used my computer camera. I want to figure this out and not use my thoughts about the technical stuff hold me back from being coached in the future. THANKS!
Great coaching tonight. I loved the “annoying husband” coaching session. I was being coached at the same time. I FINALLY got it that keeping the thought/”fact” that the hubs is annoying, but trying to change the thought ….that collides. Wow. Game changer. I need to remember what is fact and what my thoughts are. I thought my hubs being annoying was FACT, LOL. I appreciate the scholars stepping up to be coached, because truly….we all benefit as if it us being coached. HUGS <3 Tracie