Live Like You Have Already Achieved Your Result

In several of the podcasts, Brooke talks about living like you have achieved the result you are going after.
How exactly do you do that?
I want to build a real estate portfolio that it is worth $10 million in 10 years.
My brain says this is a lofty goal that is likely not achievable.
But I do get excited and butterflies when I think about it — meaning it is not out of the realm of possibility for me.

How do I go about living like I already have that result? What exactly does that mean?

How do you shift your brain to imagine that you are living that reality NOW in order to then manifest that reality in the future – to be the person now in order to become that person in the future.

Can you direct me to work in the study vault that may help with this.

Love the work you and your team are doing to change the world …one brain at a time 🙂