Liver Cancer/Nanny with Covid

I am having a pity party for myself and was wondering if you could help me get some perspective.

My mother has been going through a cancer scare. They are unsure if she has liver cancer, bone cancer or both. I have been taking her to appointments and managing her care. They have been very time consuming, but I do like my reasons for championing her health and staying on top of things.

This week, my nanny called in sick with Covid, so it seems like I am running at 1000%. At times it does feel empowering and I have thoughts like, “look at me go.”

However, I am feeling drained and sometimes sorry for myself which I am resisting. I am also gaining evidence that the world is against me.  I hurt my hand, somehow that was a sign the world is against me and my nephew puked all over my rug on his way out of my house.

Any prespective is helpful.