Living in my past – literally!

The I recently moved from beautiful California to Indiana for my husbands job and oddly enough his career move landed us 2 towns away from where I grew up and lived for 15 or so years. Talk about trying to not live in your past…I literally feel like I was inserted back into my past and can’t seem to leave it behind/live into a different future because I am constantly driving around all of the same places I drove around 8 years ago and being reminded of my past.

I am struggling being back where I grew up and I am having thoughts and feelings that I was not expecting at all – feeling like I am going back in time, feeling like I am stuck/trapped here due to his plans of staying here with the company for minimum 3 years, feeling like I literally took 3 steps back from the life I was creating for myself in new places, thinking to myself when can we move so that I can surround myself around the high energy culture and all around (seemingly) happier people.

I have tried to do many models on this and keep spiraling with my thoughts and feelings, and struggling to differentiate my thoughts from my feelings. I know my (Unintentional Model) Circumstance is “Moved to Indiana for husbands job”, and I put most of my thoughts and feelings above, with the result of “Wanting to move again and surround myself with hiking trails, beaches, new, fun experiences”. But when it comes to the Intentional Model I can’t seem to think of thoughts and feelings that I truly believe I can think and feel on a daily basis to turn things around for me. I know Indiana is just a place, and it is all in my head what I’m feeling, but it seems harder to think “future” when I literally moved back to my past.

Any advice on how to start thinking intentionally and differently?? I haven’t struggled with this on any other models I’ve done this month, but this was my very first model I tried because I know it’s a big one I need to work on if I am going to be happy where I am at in life. Thank you!!