Living in the moment & manifestation

I’ve come to learn that NOW is all that’s real. That the past and future don’t exist and now is all I’ve got. I’m making it a point to become as present to each moment. Deciding on purpose how I’ll perceive the world, what my thoughts/feelings will be to enjoy my life. But I have goals… and I find myself feeling the feelings; the high vibe state, then realizing I am feeling good and having the thought “is this the energy that will attract the money I want in my life?“ which takes me to a place of thinking the future is better than the now. But I DO want more money. But I’m also capable of realizing I don’t need more money and have all the money I need right in this moment.

Is the thought “am I doing this right?” (which is a judgement) about how I’m living my life (in my head) day to day causing my disconnect? I want to think and feel high vibe to attract an amazing life. But as I’m typing this it seems like I switch from THIS life to a future life thinking that would be better And more amazing… how do you dream big and have goals (and achieve them) If you’re content on this one and remain focused on just what you have versus what you don’t yet? I want to attract $20,000 this month into my life and know this will require thoughts/feelings/actions which need to be experienced now from a future me – am I getting that right?