Living life on purpose

I’m currently going through the urge jar material in the study vault, but I’m using it in regards to procrastination and work habits.

I’ve been wondering about the broader application of everything she says about the primal brain and the prefrontal cortex. Making decisions from the latter, while retraining and allowing urges from the former.

Is this what Brooke means when she talks about living life on purpose?

After doing the urge jar work, I’ve realized that I’ve lived most of my life making decisions about what feels good in the moment. But I’ve gotten to places I really like because of that… a spouse I love and enjoy, a home a love, a job I don’t love, but is a good starting point to get me to the career I want. But I’m also not seeing all the results I want, which is why I’m here.

In the calls on this topic, Brooke talks about how when you eat cheesecake on plan, instead of because of an urge, it doesn’t have the same emotions with it. It’s not as exciting, etc.

I’m wondering if the same thing happens in life? Is life not as exciting as you plan things on purpose?