Living my aligned circumstances/results ahead of time with money

I have a question about living (thoughts, feelings, actions) in an aligned model as it relates to money. In my ideal model I am making 6 figures, have paid down my debt, and freely spend money. In my current model I am in debt and trying to be very aware of not spending money on things I would like to if I were more financially stable. For example, this past week I was visiting my sister out of town and we were thinking of going to dinner, and I really wanted fajitas but I looked at the menu and realized they were $35.

Aligned model

C: $35 fajitas
T: I have no problem paying $35 for a dinner out with my sister
F: Abundant, care-free
A: buy the dinner, and probably buy dinner for my sister too!
R: enjoy some delicious fajitas

Curent model:

C: $35 fajitas
T: I really want some fajitas but I think spending that much on dinner when I’m barely able to pay my bills and in debt seems super irresponsible. There’s much more important things I’d rather spend money on (since I have to pick and choose).
F: Scarce, worried
A: do not go to dinner
R: no fajitas – (also, maybe this goes in another model, but I sort of resent not feeling able to buy fajitas)

I was thinking about how living aligned in the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the results/circumstances I want to create would apply to other circumstances (for example, being an athlete – in that case I can fuel my body, train, and align my thoughts as if I’m already able to achieve my athletic goals) – BUT, I am struggling applying this concept so easily to money because it seems like the thoughts, feelings, and actions I want to take are dependent on me having enough money to afford the life I want to live.

Help! How can I rework my thinking around this and live as if I am financially stable before I actually am?