Living now vs. saving for a future goal

I am working through my thoughts on money and have taken Brooke’s money courses.

I have a beautiful life and although I want to continue to grow financially, I am also practicing gratitude for where I am at right now. I know that where I am at right now is what I dreamed of years ago and that there is nothing better than now.

We love our home but would like to make some changes and upgrades, all of which cost money. We are incrementally saving money to use for an attic renovation and am proud of the work I’ve done to stop overspending and focus my goals on that.

However, it feels like things come up that create obstacles to that goal. For instance, we would like to purchase new patio furniture for our front porch (we spend a lot of time out there watching our kids play and our current furniture is not useable). I am struggling between spending money on something we will use and enjoy now vs. saving for the bigger goal that we have been planning for.

I want to be intentional about spending and also want to buy high quality goods that last, which also tends to make them more expensive. I know that both patio furniture and an attic renovation will allow us to more fully enjoy our home but I am struggling between the idea of keeping a promise to myself (saving money for the attic renovation) and living in the moment to more fully embrace “now” (patio furniture). Both things will enhance our enjoyment of our home which is my ultimate goal but I am struggling to make a decision!