Living Paycheck to Paycheck

I was listening to the Buffering call today. While listening to one of the Scholars describe their issue, I recognized in myself that I too have been living from paycheck to paycheck even though I would prefer to deny this reality.

I have some savings but if I were to use that to pay off all my current bills and buy a few things that I would like to have, then that would wipe out my savings in a matter of days or weeks. This thought does not feel good, and just reinforces my feeling that I am really just making ends meet.

This month I have been doing the module and workbook on Believing New Things. The new thought I have been working on is that I can create extraordinary wealth for myself, starting with $30K by December 1st. As I am going through this module I realize that my desire for this big amount of money is based in fear of not having enough to pay my bills once I retire within the next 3 months and am no longer earning a salary. Also, I want to earn more so that I can have more to spend, so I can live the lifestyle I want.

The other part of this, though, is that even if I make the $30K by December 1st or another goal date – since it is not looking remotely as if that would happen – then, if my thoughts don’t change I would still be living from pay check to pay check with no change in the quality of my life. I would like some help with an intentional model so I can change my thinking about what I want to earn, and why.

Here is my unintentional model:
C – I currently earn $72K a year on my job
T – It’s not enough to meet my expenses
F – I feel desperate
A – I spend everything I earn, because I HAVE TO, I have no choice, too many bills and not enough money
R – I live from pay check to pay check.