Living too far away to attend relatives funeral

The son of my 2nd cousin recently committed suicide. He was just 20 years old and of course this was very heart breaking news. My immediate impulse was that I must be there for the family because his mother and I were very close growing up. BUT I’m grappling with the idea of going because I live 11 hours away and flying is out of the question for me financially unless I put this on a credit card, so driving really is my only option. I feel like making the trip might be impractical now that I will need to drive, but I’m thinking of my cousin and the family so I’m willing to make the trip out of obligation. I’m torn because I’m also on the hook right now with some BIG business obligations and I’m in the midst of planning for an in-person workshop that’s almost ready but still needs more work. The workshop is only about a week away and I’m starting to freak out considering I’ll be losing 20 hours because I’ll be driving, plus time spent at the service. I can scramble to prep for the workshop but I’m really stressing out. What to do? Is it understandable that making the trip is impractical considering how far away I live and that sending my condolences with a card or flowers is an appropriate option?