Lizard brain attacks.

Hi Coaches,
Thank you for your amazing work! I am sincerely grateful!

My last post and coaching were about my freaking out about inspecting a waterfront house in the suburb my partner grew up in (his ideal home).

I coached myself to be able to inspect the house with the thought “it is possible that this could be a fun adventure” and the intentional feeling was to be interested.

When it came to the day of the inspection, I was keen to have an open mind and be interested in inspecting the property. My body went into a shock of sorts, and I woke with a very serious bout of hay fever / sinus and flu like symptoms. I had three different medications and slept the whole way to the house and then sneezed the whole time I was at the house and couldn’t really see it for what it was.

Clearly the thoughts in my unintentional model are extremely pronounced and really had me bed ridden in its attempt to stop me from being open to the idea of a house on the water in the suburb that is my partner’s ideal home.

What is interesting to me is how strongly I respond to the belief that I don’t want to put down roots. It just seems real to me.
As it turned out – I thought the house has potential and could be a good investment.

The crazy thing is that I left my husband and wanted to give my kids a solid foundation and a home, whilst at the same time fighting a conflicting thought of “I don’t want to put down roots” – the reason that I didn’t want to put down roots is that my mum and sister and extended family are in another city and I want to be able to move away in time (with my kids).

These two thoughts “I want to create a solid foundation for my kids” and “I don’t want to put down roots” are opposite. And both have left me in a place of complete inertia and I have created neither. I have put down roots to an extent, but not enough to create a solid foundation for my kids.

Now my kids are no longer kids and on the verge of leaving to live their own lives and will adapt to whatever I choose for my life. That means I now need to make peace with the thought “I don’t want to put down roots” so that I can explore opportunities anywhere and everywhere.

I would like some help and coaching around methods to help lizard brain from stumping me with physical symptoms when challenged.
Thought downloads, meditating….. any and all suggestions would be incredibly helpful.

Thank you for your wonderful work, I look forward to hearing from you soon.