LOA worksheet

This is my first month in scholars (eek!) and I decided to work on doing daily thought downloads, models, and read entirely through Brooke’s self-coaching 101 book before I focus on anything else. This book has been EVERYTHING. I read it every day and refer back to it often. I’m so grateful that she wrote it! Anywho, I did a LOA worksheet today that’s in the book and realized a step that’s important for me but that I’ve been missing in my models. One of the questions on the LOA worksheet is “When you believe/think this thought, do you feel the way you want to feel?” Although it may sound silly, but just by thinking about that question I realized that sometimes I don’t give as much attention to the way I want to feel when I do my models. Often I’ll just pick a new thought and as long as the feeling is better than the feeling in the unintentional model than I’m good to go. But this time I had to seriously consider whether the new thought makes me feel the way I want to feel. Wow! And guess what, it didn’t. So I changed the thought. And as I finished off the worksheet with my intentional model I feel so pumped about it! I just wanted to share my mornings insight (and if a lovely coach had more to add then that’d be pretty cool too!)