Loathe My Boss

I head back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off and this break has been the most rejuvenating time. However, I cannot let my unhelpful thoughts around my boss come with me into 2022. I want my boss to feel neutral in my mind.

Honestly, my workplace appreciates me and I’m grateful to have this job but my boss is such a bad leader it almost makes working there unbearable. I’m at this job until my coaching business is able to sustain itself. For now, I’m aiming to show up in a way I’m proud of instead of stooping to petty ways to cope.

Unintentional Model
C – My boss talks to me about her day
T – I hate working for her
F – resentment
A – People please her to stay on her good side, talk about her behind her back, cry at the fact that I have to go back to work, boil with frustration after work is done (can’t leave work at work), and feel drained every day, focus on how much I hate working there instead of how good it will be once my business picks up
R – I hate my job even more

Intentional Model:
C – My boss talks to me about her day
T – People are allowed to be who they are
F – Detached (from victim mentality)
A – I take a deep breath, respond to points I disagree with neutrally instead of people-pleasing, create boundaries where I can, consciously choose to leave work at work, don’t engage when people gossip about her, do thought work to align with my highest self, mentally rehearse how I would best respond to typical scenarios with her
R – I allow myself to be who I truly am

The intentional model seems ideal but still foreign. Will time and practice help integrate this? Is this on the right track?