Lockdown in Spain

We have had a holiday home in Spain for almost 20 years. My husbands dream has always been to spend longer periods of time here. I worked full time in London & finished mid February to enable us to come over to Spain for 3 months. We drove over, with our dog, through France and Spain to our house at the end of February. Coronavirus was happening somewhere else in the world so not a problem for us. (My thoughts)
We have been on lockdown for over a week now, we’re not allowed out of the house at all, except to go food shopping and this must be done alone as well exercising our dog, alone, not in pairs. I wanted to instantly return home, to be with our family, although France have closed borders and we would be put into quarantine in France if we wanted to pass through.
So we have spoken to our family and they agree that it would be irresponsible to try to travel. So we are going to sit it out until end of May, as we had originally planned.
I cannot help the feelings that are bubbling up inside my stomach/chest. I am pragmatic, but have fear which just comes over me.

I joined scholars once we arrived in Spain, so I am very new to this.

Models I have are;

C- We are in Spain

T- What if we don’t get home

F- Panic

A- Read everything on social media. Watch all news channels. Panic & fret about not seeing my family. Call them frequently. Watch the Covid-19 global cases live feed. Message friends.

R- We’re still here until end of May

C- We are in Spain

T- I should get fit and work on scholars as I had planned all along

F- Excitement

A- work out every week day, watch coaching calls, go through my lessons, walk my dog, eat healthy

R- My mind is as calm as it can be, I am getting healthy & fitter

These are my models, but waves of anxiety/worry do still come over me, when I’m not even expecting them. I do think that is ok & to be expected, but is it that I am not doing the right models.

Thank you