Locked on a Bus & Angry!

Hi Brooke,
I had a recent experience that may sound trivial but has made me feel so angry and victimized. My daughter and I took a long-awaited train trip on Amtrak and had to ride a bus for part of the way. When we got to our destination (where we would board another train), we gathered our bags and were the last ones to (try) to get off. The bus driver locked us on the bus for several minutes. He ignored our knocking on the window, leaving us feeling trapped and helpless. When he finally unlocked the door, he admitted he did it on purpose and claimed we were “taking our sweet time” (not true). I did report his conduct to Amtrak, but doubt they will do anything.
I know that in scholars we are not supposed to see ourselves as victims, so I would like your take on how to deal with my feelings. How would you have dealt with something like this?

Thank you