The other day, I had a realization that I have absolutely no friends in the Stetson School of Music. I am a sophomore in college and a voice performance major. I’ve tried bonding with people in my major, but for some reason, I just don’t seem to click. I want to get to the place where I’m comfortable with being by myself and not envious of the people who make friends so easily. I’ve been an introvert my whole life, and I thought that when I entered the school of Music, I could bond and meet people like me, but so far, no luck. I don’t vibe with anyone else’s energy, and I can’t relate to the normal troubles of being a music student due to me having perfect pitch. Everything comes easily to me. I’ve tried to reach out to people, but they never reach out to me. I feel like an outsider again and nonexistent. I’d like to be comfortable with being by myself again, but it’s hard when I see everyone getting along and doing things that friends normally do. How do I accomplish this?