Long distance dating: Is 10 days too long?

I’ve been dating someone non-exclusively since late November. I visited him in January for 4 days and felt really excited about things between us at that point. After that, our communication grew less and less and so did my interest. I agreed to let him come visit me a few weeks ago for 1 week, but was starting to wonder if I might be settling with him as there are men I find more physically attractive. I saw his trip as a sort of test. With that negative outlook, his stay with me was a little bumpy. I saw a lot of faults in him and I was ready for him to leave after a few days. Still, I could see positive attributes and I did not end things with him.

He has communicated with me much more since the trip, which was something I had complained about a lot previously. He has asked me about what things I’d like to be different and I think we had a great conversation that has paved the way for him to return. The issue is that he wants to return for 10 days so that I won’t be on my period during a large portion of his trip which occurred last time. I am concerned about that length of time as I’m used to living alone and having my own space.

He said that I could give him house rules, but I have no idea what rules I could propose that would give me peace of mind. I want him to come and I want to have a more relaxed and positive attitude about it, but I don’t know how to do it.