Long Distance Relationships

Hi Brooke –

My boyfriend is a pilot and has recently got his first job at a big airline. He will be spending 2 months away for training with no option to see me during this time. After that we are not sure where he will be based and may very well be long distance for another year after the training is complete.

I have never been in a long distance relationship and a lot of people say they dont work. I find myself panicking that we will find ourselves growing apart. And also find myself feeling very irrationally jealous that he might meet someone who is a pilot that has more in common with him.

I am noticing that i am taking the joy out of this huge moment for him and i just cant figure out how to feel better about it. I want to get to a better place before he goes next month so that we start this new chapter in our lives on a good note but cant seem to get myself out of these crazy though patterns.

any advice?