How long to expect River of Misery for buffering

Hi Brooke!
So I’ve been binge-watching the Stop Overeating videos, and I’m loving them!
The thing that has held me back time and again from implementing your teaching, has been fear of the River. Both of the negative emotions that will come up, as well as the physical withdrawal symptoms, and the directing of energy to deal with that instead of other things.
I’m curious with your Stop Overeating clients, how long (on average) did it take them to get used to not eating flour & sugar, and how long it took them to get used to 2 meals (or so) and not snacking.
I think if I had an idea of a duration (kind of like, you know, with a cold or flu you know it will be over in a week), it would help. : )
Also would you still recommend taking the first month to go off flour & sugar, and then starting a IF and veggie/protein protocol the following month?
Also I buffer a LOT with internet surfing. So if I don’t eat, I go surf or Facebook, or “research” stuff online. Or check email a lot. : ) In fact — I buffer this way more than with food!!
I know that to truly stop buffering, I need to tackle both the snacking and the internet together. I think it would make sense to try the 100 Urges worksheet for each activity. Like print out 2 sheets, one for computer/phone and one for eating.
But I worry that trying to give up both of them at once might be too hard.
Would appreciate your input on these questions, thanks!