How long for new thoughts to take hold- realistic expectations

Hi there,
I have some questions about changing thoughts
1-usually, how long do most people need to use bridge thoughts on thoughts that are deeply conditioned
2- typically, how long does it take to change thoughts- could it take months to change a thought
3-how to hang in there while changing thoughts- is it normal to have 2 steps forward 1 step back
4- is it normal to take a couple months to make progress on any one thing, (eg belief work, time management) even though we have new monthly objectives
5- I am finding “I am” thoughts including “I am becoming…I am learning” type thoughts to not really feel good, to feel superficial, but perhaps thoughts about my intentions to feel more meaningful, – is this because it is new or are there some things that work better than others? and I am wondering if there are any more tips on how to create thoughts that feel good.
Keeping keepin on
Thank you.