Long Term Goals

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C: Long terms goals are written down
T: I don’t know if I’ll be ready
F: Fear
A: Ruminating over what my niche should be. Constantly thinking about the changing world and how out of touch I am with IT/social media. Ruminating about not being ready and how this will be like other things I’ve started and then given up. Thinking about changing the timeline, changing the goals. Wondering how I am going to get there and trying to come up with ideas even though the next 18 months is clear.
R: I am not getting ready

T: These goals will manifest exactly when and how they are supposed to
F: Calm
A: Focusing on today’s goals, not ruminating on the “negative” thoughts, thinking the right ideas will be there when it’s time, not worrying about the how. Thinking the right program/training will be there when it is time and my dreams will manifest
R: I am ready for my goals to manifest