Longtime Scholar: not enough progress

Dear SCS coaches,
I’m a Diamond scholar (and close to Double Diamond). This work has made an impact on my life and I can especially tell that I get out of it what I put into it. I made some huge strides earlier this year, making a big brave decision about a relationship, taking 30 days away from drinking, and losing 20 lbs! Now I am in a plateau, struggling with depression and living alone: I crave belonging. I’m also judging myself that I should be in a better place because I’ve been in SCS for a long time. Can you offer feedback on this MODEL?

C: SCS Diamond
T: I should have made more progress by now
F: depressed, lonely
A: go off food and drink plan
R: plateau

C: SCS Diamond
T: My next work is to make progress on goals from a place of self love. Some failure and plateau is a way to learn that.
F: grateful
A: kickstart back into goals with deeper thought work
R: progress with self love

How is the UM and IM, and can you guide me on what I can do or how to truly believe the IM?