Look for a new job or stay put? – followup (Sri)

Hi Brooke,
Thanks for the response. I should have expected it, after seeing your approach to changing the “C” before being happy in the current situation.

In my organization, its very slow progress – people generally get promoted every five years or so or longer (especially after they have reached a certain level). And the pay this year or the next will not reach what I want to make since they just don’t pay that much. Plus, I’m not sure if should keep investing my time into this company for too long since I’m afraid of stagnation.

While I understand that these are all thoughts which I can change, I’m having a really hard time changing these. I think if you asked anyone in the organization, they would echo what I said above. So this seems more like the “reality” rather than my thoughts. Should I continue to work on trying to change them to stick around in the same organization? Or should I accept reality and move on?